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Richard Kearns | Audience Experience, Interactive Art, Play and Transmedia

When elements of the natural world are re-organised or displaced to create a sense of the uncanny, new relationships are required to make those experiences meaningful. In the design of this installation, new narrative connections emerge through forms of interactor play. I am curious how the information generated through physical or virtual activity crystallises into a relationship that connects visitors and how the meaning they make can be shared through their encounters. I am exploring how stories are relational. How can we reconnect with a greater narrative as relational beings who live through stories? Reconnect in a way that does not make us superior to the blade of grass, nor inferior, but part of the same process.

A new collaboration between Carmen Troncoso and Richard Kearns

Forests have been a symbol of transformation in cultural mythologies for thousands of years. "Between Air, Clay, and Woods of Certain Flutes" is an interactive experience that combines audio and visual elements to create a dreamlike environment. The installation reunites wooden musical instruments with the forests they came from, now transformed into new inhabitants. The installation highlights the importance of living woods and their relationship with the hands of craftsmen and the breath of musicians.

Weaving through the space are two electroacoustic flute compositions, a Mayan poem and the noise of flute manufacture interspersed with a forest soundtrack. Each track is looped to repeat out of sequence continuously.

We invite you to explore our installation and encounter the shifting dialogue between sound material and image.

A snippet of gameplay from Art-Game: Between Air, Earth and Woods - a virtual version of the installation.


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