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Richard Kearns, Alternate Reality Games, Audience Experience, Interactive Art, and Play

Creating accessible open-ended interactive interventions that are grounded in interdisciplinary research. Environments, objects, and situations are developed into provocations that enable visitors to influence the outcomes of their encounters through playful responses 

A new collaboration between Carmen Troncoso and Richard Kearns

An immersive audio-visual dream-space that reunites the recorder with forest as a transformed inhabitant of that place. Four video projections combine ancient woods from different locations, images of recorders and acts of their creation, on translucent screens that hang within the space. In a constantly shifting dialogue with the merging images are five audio tracks, two of which are electroacoustic compositions created specifically for the installation. Together with audio from the video footage they build an asynchronous sound experience that is in a state of constant flux with the presence of visitors.

A digital environment based on the installation is under development which can be experienced here.

A snippet of gameplay from Art-Game: Between Air, Earth and Woods - a virtual version of the installation that is currently under development


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